A long three weeks

So here at the house, we’re scrounging up a month’s worth of money so that mom can finally finish the freakin’ set of books she needs to finish. That’s not the problem, though.

We can scrounge up the money, there are lots of options, since we’re only trying go to get through one month – but she’s…

I may kill her.

Apparently, while this is something she needs to do (which we all agree when she explained it – we support her entirely) – she does not do well not making money. I wonder if she realizes this. But she’s been in one SHITTY mood since she made the decision.

Half of it might be that she’s scared. But a good portion of it is just old-fashioned bitchiness.

This is going to be a very long three weeks.

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I promise, my problems are very different from yours.

No matter what your problems are, mine are different. My current issue is pretty straightforward, except where it’s not.

I need money.

See? Simple. Straightforward. But see, most people, they’d go get a job. I can do that! I’m very hireable. But see, that’s where you and I differ, because, as Amy says in Dr. Who – here’s where it gets complicated.

If I go get a job, I won’t have time to write Better Papers Mean Better Grades, a book in a series that are planning to put out. If I don’t write the book, we don’t put the series out. And then not only am I out money, I’ve let down a company.

Also, if I go get a job, I am locked into a paycheck and can’t start building a career in Ghostwriting, which is what I want to do. Getting a job means stalling my career even farther, and if I don’t START that career until I’m thirty, I’ll lose quite a bit of credibility with potential clients.

Likewise, if I get a job, I won’t be here in the house, to support my mother, who needs it, quite desperately.

But I’m broke as shit. I have $30. I’m in deep trouble.


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WordPress and it’s effects

I have come to the conclusion that WordPress is evil, and I love it.

I’m sitting here in the ICU lounge at St. Joseph’s Hospital, just sitting – my father’s in ICU and I don’t want to be at home if something happens. It happened the other night, when we went home to get some sleep, and now I’m afraid to leave.

Thus, I’m sitting here. And because I’m sitting here, I’m looking for stuff to do. They have free wireless, yay! So FaceBook, Twitter, and Google Reader have filled many hours, for which I am grateful. However…I ran out of things to do several hours ago.

Now, many of you know that this is now a WordPress site. It is a WordPress site because I am lazy, and I do not have the time or energy to do constantly current web designs for my own site. Hell, I rarely take web design gigs at all anymore, because it’s SO labor intensive for SO little money. Therefore, I took the lazy way out and put up WordPress to make my life easier and make the site easier on the eyes and more easily changed.

Therein lays my new addiction. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is something like the SEVENTIETH template I’ve had up today. And I’m still playing with them. They’re RIDICULOUSLY easy to upload and activate, to play with, to change and arrange, and it’s like I find one that I like, but there might be one better! And so I keep looking. And installing. And changing. And playing. And oh my god is this addicting!

So, thank you all who sent me good wishes and my father good wishes, and thank you all for not making a huge deal that my site’s changed eighteen thousand times today, because it’s likely to keep changing this week. WHO KNOWS what it’ll look like when I’m done!

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Comments, changes and thank yous

I have a couple things to say here, but first off, l have to say that it’s probably a very sad state of affairs when in order to remember to blog, I have to NOT BE AT HOME. As in, I’m sitting in a Barnes and Noble coffee shop, waiting for a meeting, and so now I remember to do something here. That’s just sad, folks.

OK! Down to business.

First off, thank  you for the people who’ve commented on my blog posts here, and I am quite sorry it took me so long to approve the comments. Believe it or not, this tiny little, backwater, hole-in-the-wall blog seems to attract spammers by the boatload, and I spent a half hour today removing spam before I found the few comments that were gold. So thank you, you’re approved, and I will try VERY hard not to let ANYTHING sit as long as those comments did.

Item two! I need something more visually interesting here on the blog, so I’ll be looking through/working on/screwing around with wordpress themes today after my meeting and tomorrow. If you’ve seen a particularly fascinating one that you think I should consider using, pop me an email at trinitylast [at] gmail.com and I’ll absolutly go look, and probably appreciate it beyond words.

Last but not least! I was apparently featured on Dreaming Of Butterflies and never knew it, and it was a huge compliment as well. Thank you, VERY much Weasel. I was so shocked when I saw the referral that I think my mouth dropped open. You paid me a beautiful compliment and I am blushing from my head to my toes.

NOW! Before you take off and go about your internet lives none-the-wiser, put your headphones on and go over to Limonshire and wish Fizzylimon a belated birthday wish, and watch one of the most entertaining and (sometimes) profound vloggers on the intarwebs today. You’ll thank me later.

Go. Shoo.

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In 11 days, on November 1st, National Novel Writing Month begins. The purpose of this exercise is to loosen up the gears and get something out there. You have one month to write a 50k word novel. Original fiction only!

There are various write-ins held all over the country, and I, along with Nyx Goldstone will be hosting a Friday night write-in for North Orange County. It’s to be held at the Starbucks on Chapman ave, across from Fred Kelly Stadium.

For those who’d like to show up, it starts the first Friday of November (the 6th) at 7pm. The first week, Claudia Suzanne will be coming to give a talk for the first hour or so of the write-in on Elements of Fiction. After that, it’s just us and our computers!

We’ll be there every Friday in November, so bring your travel mug for the discount, your laptop or a notebook, and your music for inspiration, and come grab some coffee and write with us!

The Starbucks is at 3630 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA and you can call them at (714) 997-9174‎ if you so desire. They’re usually open to midnight, and we’ll probably be hanging out that long, so if you want to come by late, go for it. Heck, come by early – the write-in starts at 7, but Nyx and I will be there at 5 most days.
Remember, 11 days! At least come to the first meet-up, as we’ll have kick-off gifts to hand out!

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