I promise, my problems are very different from yours.

No matter what your problems are, mine are different. My current issue is pretty straightforward, except where it’s not.

I need money.

See? Simple. Straightforward. But see, most people, they’d go get a job. I can do that! I’m very hireable. But see, that’s where you and I differ, because, as Amy says in Dr. Who – here’s where it gets complicated.

If I go get a job, I won’t have time to write Better Papers Mean Better Grades, a book in a series that are planning to put out. If I don’t write the book, we don’t put the series out. And then not only am I out money, I’ve let down a company.

Also, if I go get a job, I am locked into a paycheck and can’t start building a career in Ghostwriting, which is what I want to do. Getting a job means stalling my career even farther, and if I don’t START that career until I’m thirty, I’ll lose quite a bit of credibility with potential clients.

Likewise, if I get a job, I won’t be here in the house, to support my mother, who needs it, quite desperately.

But I’m broke as shit. I have $30. I’m in deep trouble.


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