What is TL.com?

TrinityLast is an established username online, and eventually you were going to find your way here.

TrinityLast is actually me, Lona Nicholle. I’ve gone through several name changes, and this site has gone through many designs. It has, over the years, been home to a game’s site, a poetry site, an extensive writer’s resources site, and a fanfiction archive. The fanfiction archive stands as a legacy, but everything else is gone.

Well, not GONE, I guess – if you have the links, the folders are still here, somewhere, on the site. Have fun with the 404 messages, eh? Should be interesting. You find the forum, let me know :p I’d be impressed as all hell.

Anyway, I’m a professional web designer, and as such I rarely have time for my own website. I’m a professional Ghostwriter, and as such I rarely have time for my own writing.

I’m a severe geek, so any extra time I end up actually having tends to go towards gaming or RPing. As such, I rarely have time to breathe.¬†Somehow I still am, though, and I find that fascinating.

Anyway…welcome to TL.com – too many characters, not enough plot.