More Title Loans!

So know all those title loan sites I’ve linked to over the past few months? It turns out I’m not alone! Other people are finding the same places useful, such as Title Loans San Antonio. It looks like they really know what they’re talking about too, and stated the entire thing much more eloquently than I ever could, so if you were ever wondering about how such things work, and what exactly their use could BE, check out Title Loans San Antonio and see what they have to say on the matter. You could be surprised.

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All the good ones are so far away!

And this time it’s a real estate lawyer which is something I will probably need soon. And I suppose, should I move to Michigan, I’d need them, but the chances of me moving there are so tiny as to be completely non-existent. However, if you DO live there, check out Real Estate Attorney Richmond MI – apparently they do wonders, but I’ll never get to find out for myself because I need to move somewhere I can get married and even civil unions were banned in the state. And bah, I say, to that. If you don’t have such a problem with the state (or I guess even if you do but are living/staying there for whatever reason) Real Estate Attorney Richmond MI will at least make that bit of your life easier.

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Closer to home

This time the injury lawyer went to the top of the list because they’re in freakin’ Long Beach, which is around the damned corner from me. Personal Injury Attorney Long Beach CA is on PCH and I actually passed them the other day without realizing it, but the office was pointed out to me and apparently, they’re awesome. Which is useful to me, as they’re also LOCAL. Though not as all-encompassing as the last one I posted on, they apparently have their act together and helped my friend out fairly quickly and efficiently, so check out Personal Injury Attorney Long Beach CA.

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Law, law, law.

I do tend to talk about Lawyers a lot, don’t I. Well, here’s another one that was sent to me – and thank you all for trying to help me, it’s highly appreciated. I’m at this point building a database, so I have options and know where I’m going and what I’m doing. This link was for New York Personal Injury Attorney and the only issue I have with their site is that it’s light text on a dark background and that messes with my sight. The layout is clear, and according to the person who sent me the link, they’re SUPREMELY friendly and helpful and a person does indeed answer the phone in the middle of the night.

Also, they offer free advice and don’t take  fee unless you win, which is great – and apparently they’re being honest about that, which is AMAZING. So check out New York Personal Injury Attorney.

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I should never need this…

Because to need a divorce lawyer, you have to be able to legally get married, and as we all know, I’m not allowed to do that. But I’m not bitter!

OK, I’m a bit bitter. But that’s neither here nor there. Apparently, Divorce Lawyer Washington DC is an awesome divorce lawyer. Or, I suppose, a terrible one if you’re across the table from him instead of next to him…but then, all lawyers are terrible when you’re across the table from them.

So there’ve been good experiences with Divorce Lawyer Washington DC – thus, I suggest, should you be lucky enough to be allowed to get married, and unlucky enough to need a divorce lawyer, go check ’em out.

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Waaay down south

“…where the peaches grow.”

Sorry, couldn’t resist. I was sent the strangest specialization the other day – apparently there are mold lawyers. Like, as in, specifically, mold. MOLD LAWYER. Of course, my father worked at Knott’s Berry Farm for a while – piano player in the Calico Saloon. And there was mold backstage. It got everywhere, and eventually we even had to throw his nightstand away. Long story. So something like Mold Lawyer Atlanta would probably have been very welcome. (Well, except that it’s in Atlanta. Y’know, Georgia. And we’re in SoCal if that wasn’t clear from the Knott’s story).

So check out Mold Lawyer Atlanta should you have any legal mold issues.

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