Blood pressure

Two weeks ago I got up and went to key desk. I worked all day, read some played a few video games and went to bed. I ate when I was hungry. I had some headaches, but nothing huge.

Now I’m in bed. When I got up earlier, I did something wrong. Not surE what. But I had a tiny TIA as a result.

Which, according to the hospital’s count, makes ten.

Apparently, I’m stressed.

After two cat-scans, an MRI, and about thirty vials of blood, they found that I am very healthy and it’s confusing because I’m so big. I should have all sorts of things wrong with me that I don’t.

What I do have is dangerously high blood pressure. Like, scary high. Because I’m stressed.

So now I’m blogging on my ipad, on my bed, because I’m afraid to sit at my desk. I did earlier and that turned out to be a very bad idea. Even typing this is giving me a headache.

It really is amazing how fast everything can just turn on it’s ear.

I was FINE two weeks ago.

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