WordPress and it’s effects

I have come to the conclusion that WordPress is evil, and I love it.

I’m sitting here in the ICU lounge at St. Joseph’s Hospital, just sitting – my father’s in ICU and I don’t want to be at home if something happens. It happened the other night, when we went home to get some sleep, and now I’m afraid to leave.

Thus, I’m sitting here. And because I’m sitting here, I’m looking for stuff to do. They have free wireless, yay! So FaceBook, Twitter, and Google Reader have filled many hours, for which I am grateful. However…I ran out of things to do several hours ago.

Now, many of you know that this is now a WordPress site. It is a WordPress site because I am lazy, and I do not have the time or energy to do constantly current web designs for my own site. Hell, I rarely take web design gigs at all anymore, because it’s SO labor intensive for SO little money. Therefore, I took the lazy way out and put up WordPress to make my life easier and make the site easier on the eyes and more easily changed.

Therein lays my new addiction. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is something like the SEVENTIETH template I’ve had up today. And I’m still playing with them. They’re RIDICULOUSLY easy to upload and activate, to play with, to change and arrange, and it’s like I find one that I like, but there might be one better! And so I keep looking. And installing. And changing. And playing. And oh my god is this addicting!

So, thank you all who sent me good wishes and my father good wishes, and thank you all for not making a huge deal that my site’s changed eighteen thousand times today, because it’s likely to keep changing this week. WHO KNOWS what it’ll look like when I’m done!

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  1. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I knew that once I got you playing with it, you’d join me on my WordPress bandwagon. Glad I get to help you pick your themes, though 🙂 It’s been fun as we’ve been sitting here in the ICU lounge.