Comments, changes and thank yous

I have a couple things to say here, but first off, l have to say that it’s probably a very sad state of affairs when in order to remember to blog, I have to NOT BE AT HOME. As in, I’m sitting in a Barnes and Noble coffee shop, waiting for a meeting, and so now I remember to do something here. That’s just sad, folks.

OK! Down to business.

First off, thank  you for the people who’ve commented on my blog posts here, and I am quite sorry it took me so long to approve the comments. Believe it or not, this tiny little, backwater, hole-in-the-wall blog seems to attract spammers by the boatload, and I spent a half hour today removing spam before I found the few comments that were gold. So thank you, you’re approved, and I will try VERY hard not to let ANYTHING sit as long as those comments did.

Item two! I need something more visually interesting here on the blog, so I’ll be looking through/working on/screwing around with wordpress themes today after my meeting and tomorrow. If you’ve seen a particularly fascinating one that you think I should consider using, pop me an email at trinitylast [at] and I’ll absolutly go look, and probably appreciate it beyond words.

Last but not least! I was apparently featured on Dreaming Of Butterflies and never knew it, and it was a huge compliment as well. Thank you, VERY much Weasel. I was so shocked when I saw the referral that I think my mouth dropped open. You paid me a beautiful compliment and I am blushing from my head to my toes.

NOW! Before you take off and go about your internet lives none-the-wiser, put your headphones on and go over to Limonshire and wish Fizzylimon a belated birthday wish, and watch one of the most entertaining and (sometimes) profound vloggers on the intarwebs today. You’ll thank me later.

Go. Shoo.

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