I’m Totally Using My iPad!

OK, so when I first got an iPad it was kind of under pressure and not exactly of my own free will – but when a prospective client doesn’t hire you based on the fact that you have no iPad, you wake up to certain realities: One, I’m too young to be in this field and not look completely and totally successful, and two: as a society we judge success based on whether or not we have the fancy new gadgets.

Both of those are rants for another date.

I’ve had the iPad since April. APRIL. And yes, for work, it is handy. I keep contracts on it and I can adjust them at any time and sign and send them off right there! Very useful. But other than work functions and meetings there hasn’t been a lot of call for it, and to be honest, I still take better notes by hand even though I have a cool Jot stylus, which makes the whole shebang easier on a tablet.

None. NONE of this has anything to do with what I wanted to talk about, though – which is that suddenly, in the last week or so, I notice that I’m actually using the thing on a regular basis.

I got a recipe app, and I’m using that way more than I thought I would. Well, ok, that’s reasonable – I don’t have to sort through little cards and I can just import anything I find online.

There’s also the fact that I now  have a few games on there that I’m actually PLAYING. See,  before, I had stuff like Draw Something and such. You spend a few minutes a day playing them if you remember and then you’re done. But then Nyx got me into Temple Run: Brave and I started playing that. And while I was updating things the other day, I got My Singing Monsters. It was like getting a candy bar in the checkout line! Total impulse download, figured I’d never touch it.

Yeah, can’t stop playing it.

I also had long ago set up a second email for my iPad because I hate, HATE attaching my main to devices. I do not like being that available – as I’ve said before, my email is closed. So I put a new email address on the iPad so I could share pictures and such through email. See? Makes sense.

Ok, but I recently started sending out some resumes and one-pagers looking for gigs and opportunities in Seattle. And I ended up using that email address because it was professional sounding without being attached to a website or company, which I kinda needed for this venture.

And then, of course, I proceeded to forget to CHECK that email because it means signing out and back into a different gmail account and I tend to forget to do that. This is why I takes me so long to build up my MyPoints and get my B&N gift certificates, which is kinda all I use that system for.

Hey, I like free books, what can I say?

Back on topic, the iPad’s always signed into that new email address. So I started using it to just check that email.

Which leads me back to today, when I realized that I’m actually using the thing. Like, a lot. Like, way more than I ever really expected to honestly USE IT. I figured it was an expensive loss and I’d just have to deal with it because it’s good for business. I really didn’t think I’d be USING IT.

But I am. Using it. It’s kinda scary.

Now excuse me, I have to check my iPad – think I just finished breeding my drummer monster.

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