One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen

So, I was a victim of child sexual abuse. It’s a long story, I don’t want to get into it. No, it wasn’t family.

That being said…sometimes, guys, an orange is just an orange. And sometimes, a joke is JUST A JOKE.


That. Is. A. JOKE. It’s a funny as hell World Of Warcraft reference, to a real quest that you have to do as a Worgen, one of the new species, and it was posted during the beta of Cataclysm.

To take it more seriously than that is ridiculous. If nothing else, their archives show a flippant sarcastic attitude towards pretty much everything, so one would assume that if you read their strip, you have a sense of humor and know how to take a joke.

Yeah, apparently not so much.

Now, the person keeping track is just keeping track. I mean him no ill will…but I am linking there so you can SEE how ridiculous this whole damned thing is:

Guys, really? REALLY?! Do you KNOW how stupid this looks? How long has the stick BEEN up your asses? It was a COMIC about a GAME in which it made sideways references to NON-EXISTENT CREATURES doing something offensive. It made SEVERAL.

Where the hell is Tosh.0 in this? Does anyone watch his show? If we’re all so damned up in arms about a COMIC STRIP, why aren’t we hearing left and right about his constant rape jokes?

Know why?

No, really, guess.

I’ll give you a few minutes.

Oh, you got it? Yeah, figured you would. It’s because there are exactly two kinds of people in this world – the kind that can laugh at themselves, and the kind that can’t …and apparently, from what I’ve seen, the kind that can’t have some kind of vendetta against Penny Arcade. They’ve had more legal issues during their reign online than ANY OTHER SITE.

And most of it is JUST THIS FUCKIN’ STUPID.

People, y’all need to give it a rest. If you don’t like the strip – and yes, granted, it’s not for everyone – don’t. Read. It. I mean, it’s not even like a TV show you have to flip past and catch a few minutes of. It’s a WEBSITE. It’s not exactly hard to avoid. You DON’T GO THERE.

Or maybe that’s too logical for these people?

Where the hell is the up in arms about ??

Hey, check this out:

YES! It’s a redirect back to the first site! They BOUGHT THEIR OPPOSING URL to avoid letting women have a rival site!!!

Yet, I don’t see almost anything on them. What I see on a google search are articles from their site, titles such as: “Women would vote for Hitler” and “Every Woman is a Cheating Whore”.

But a COMIC strip. That’s what we’re in arms about?

Priorities, people. You fail to have them.

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