The countdown clock to the right has been changed. We have 29 days and change until NanoWrimo ends, ladies and gentlemen! START YOUR ENGINES!

So you know, 50,000 words works out to roughly 1667 words a day for 30 days. That’s around three to four pages. You can do this. ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

If you don’t have an outline, don’t worry. Just start writing. Don’t worry about plot, don’t worry about character histories, just write. You can edit, change anything you want, and impose plot later. Get the story DOWN. Get the sequence of events WRITTEN. Don’t worry about syntax, tense, grammar or punctuation. Don’t worry about how corny or not corny it may sound.

Just write.

Now, no, chances are, no bestselling books will be written during this month. Not unless you’re already published and established and you have some SERIOUS experience writing under deep pressure.

Which should take the pressure OFF. Don’t write the ‘next great American novel’. There isn’t one anyway. Write a novel. Write a story. Write something insane, and amazing, and ridiculous. Write something that will make someone’s eyes cross, write thousands of twists into it, write it so fast and hard that it makes your blood pound as you type.

You are not required to keep it g rated. *wink*

And just to give you perspective? This post is roughly 290 words long. That’s a fifth of a daily count already. It took me maybe ten minutes to write.

You can do this, guys. Anyone can. It doesn’t have to be great. Just do it. You’ll be thrilled with what you’ve got when it’s over. As bad as it may be? To write a 50,000 word novel in one month…no one will care.

Because they’ll all be jealous of what you’ve done.

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