Eight days and counting!

Eight days to NanoWrimo. Are we excited? YES WE ARE! :p

For those of you in the OC area, who AREN’T sick as dogs right now, there’ll be a kick-off meetup at the Orange Circle this Sunday, the 25th. Thats Old Towne Orange, for those who don’t know, and it’s being held the big-ass area in the middle of the round-about.

I may not get to go. I are sick. But you guys should go! You are not sick!!!

I will NOT be this sick next Friday, when our first write-in happens, though! Claudia Suzanne will be giving a talk and you’re all invited!

These write-ins are officially hosted by Nyx Goldstone so head over and say hi as well. 😀

And don’t forget to register for NanoWrimo itself!!!

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What to write?

So NanoWrimo is quickly approaching and you have no idea what to write?

National Novel Writing Month is all about pushing your boundaries. About just hashing it out, fast and hard, and not thinking about it. Doing something new and inventive and worrying about consequences later.

Remember, there’s NOTHING but time to edit later!

So what to write? Here are some ideas that anyone can take and play with – ideas that, if eight people all chose the same idea, each one would be unique and awesome all to itself!

Generic Science Fiction ideas:

  1. If God Almighty/The Goddess/random deity were to come to earth with no memory of who he/she was….
  2. OMG, I was born a Werewolf/Vampire/Alien/Sea Slug and I had no idea until this weird power of flight/x-ray vision/super speed showed up!
  3. OMG, YOU are a Werewolf/Vampire/Alien/Sea Slug and I had no idea but I love you! (however, if you make anyone sparkle, I will hunt you down and kill you where you stand)
  4. Hey, the general populace didn’t know, but there’s been a war between the random evil and the random good all this time and now it’s threatening the world!
  5. Random evil has just found us and we are ripe for takeover!
  6. The stuffed animals/random toys are rising up and revolting

General Romance Ideas:

  1. She’s new in the big city and he’s reluctantly showing her around as a favor to a friend
  2. He’s trying to make it on stage/in hollywood and she’s just the girl to help get him there!
  3. She’s been falsely accused of a hideous crime and sentenced to life in prison. One night she was taken from her cell to a place called…no, wait. That’s the plot for La Femme Nikita. Nevermind.
  4. Basically, boy meets girl, random place, random time. C’mon, romance is easy.

General Plain Fiction idea:

  1. She/he’s an amazing (your hobby here) but someone’s out to get them and take their thunder!
  2. He/she’s always been a quiet type, but when tragedy strikes, they’re the only ones left to rise up and make a difference.
  3. A heartwarming story of how two sisters/brothers who never got along come together to support their dying mother/father/older brother/other relative and learn how much they love each other and the strength they share when together

You get the idea!!! Now get cracking with that outline, only 11 days left!

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In 11 days, on November 1st, National Novel Writing Month begins. The purpose of this exercise is to loosen up the gears and get something out there. You have one month to write a 50k word novel. Original fiction only!

There are various write-ins held all over the country, and I, along with Nyx Goldstone will be hosting a Friday night write-in for North Orange County. It’s to be held at the Starbucks on Chapman ave, across from Fred Kelly Stadium.

For those who’d like to show up, it starts the first Friday of November (the 6th) at 7pm. The first week, Claudia Suzanne will be coming to give a talk for the first hour or so of the write-in on Elements of Fiction. After that, it’s just us and our computers!

We’ll be there every Friday in November, so bring your travel mug for the discount, your laptop or a notebook, and your music for inspiration, and come grab some coffee and write with us!

The Starbucks is at 3630 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA and you can call them at (714) 997-9174‎ if you so desire. They’re usually open to midnight, and we’ll probably be hanging out that long, so if you want to come by late, go for it. Heck, come by early – the write-in starts at 7, but Nyx and I will be there at 5 most days.
Remember, 11 days! At least come to the first meet-up, as we’ll have kick-off gifts to hand out!

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