One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen

So, I was a victim of child sexual abuse. It’s a long story, I don’t want to get into it. No, it wasn’t family.

That being said…sometimes, guys, an orange is just an orange. And sometimes, a joke is JUST A JOKE.


That. Is. A. JOKE. It’s a funny as hell World Of Warcraft reference, to a real quest that you have to do as a Worgen, one of the new species, and it was posted during the beta of Cataclysm.

To take it more seriously than that is ridiculous. If nothing else, their archives show a flippant sarcastic attitude towards pretty much everything, so one would assume that if you read their strip, you have a sense of humor and know how to take a joke.

Yeah, apparently not so much.

Now, the person keeping track is just keeping track. I mean him no ill will…but I am linking there so you can SEE how ridiculous this whole damned thing is:

Guys, really? REALLY?! Do you KNOW how stupid this looks? How long has the stick BEEN up your asses? It was a COMIC about a GAME in which it made sideways references to NON-EXISTENT CREATURES doing something offensive. It made SEVERAL.

Where the hell is Tosh.0 in this? Does anyone watch his show? If we’re all so damned up in arms about a COMIC STRIP, why aren’t we hearing left and right about his constant rape jokes?

Know why?

No, really, guess.

I’ll give you a few minutes.

Oh, you got it? Yeah, figured you would. It’s because there are exactly two kinds of people in this world – the kind that can laugh at themselves, and the kind that can’t …and apparently, from what I’ve seen, the kind that can’t have some kind of vendetta against Penny Arcade. They’ve had more legal issues during their reign online than ANY OTHER SITE.

And most of it is JUST THIS FUCKIN’ STUPID.

People, y’all need to give it a rest. If you don’t like the strip – and yes, granted, it’s not for everyone – don’t. Read. It. I mean, it’s not even like a TV show you have to flip past and catch a few minutes of. It’s a WEBSITE. It’s not exactly hard to avoid. You DON’T GO THERE.

Or maybe that’s too logical for these people?

Where the hell is the up in arms about ??

Hey, check this out:

YES! It’s a redirect back to the first site! They BOUGHT THEIR OPPOSING URL to avoid letting women have a rival site!!!

Yet, I don’t see almost anything on them. What I see on a google search are articles from their site, titles such as: “Women would vote for Hitler” and “Every Woman is a Cheating Whore”.

But a COMIC strip. That’s what we’re in arms about?

Priorities, people. You fail to have them.

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Technology has entitlement issues

I’m twenty-seven, but I’m about to sound fifty.

Technology these days is starting to piss me off.

OK, now I shall explain.

I love email – email’s great. You can communicate with someone, and it’s not unreasonable that if you don’t feel like doing it, you don’t have to answer someone. It’s email. I got your message. Thanks. I didn’t have anything to say to it, so I didn’t. That works. Awesome. I don’t even really have an issue with instant messages, though people tend to be pushy about getting responses from you on them. I can just let that go – if nothing else, there are blocking settings on almost every client, so if you don’t feel like talking to someone, you can just appear offline to them. Works out great.

You know, like how you just DON’T answer the PHONE. Yeah, I screen. I screened when you had to have a little machine with a cassette tape in it, too. You wanna make something of it?

Here’s where I get pissed – someone texts me. I do not have the time or interest to reply to them. I’m not in the headspace to answer their question, and I actually don’t have an answer anyway. I close the text and go back to work, because…yeah. I work. It’s that funny thing you do most of your day so you can pay for stuff.

And now, you see, we come to the problem: I. Do not. Have time. To stop every time you text me to answer you. Nor, by the way, do you have the right to demand it of me. If you do, you are one of two people – my mother or my fiance. And hey, guess what? If you’re one of those people, you won’t demand it!

So when you text me during the day and don’t get a reply right away, and your answer to that is to just keep texting? You have now guaranteed that I will never answer you…because now, instead of just texting and realizing that I will get to you when I have time and feel like it, you’re making serious demands of me. You have decided that I have time for you whenever you feel the urge to pick up your phone and type, and if I don’t, then I’m just a bitch.

OH! And when you call, to ask a sibling if I’m mad at you, because I haven’t texted you back in a week? What the HELL is that? I have never, ever, not once, given any indication to you that I am at your beck and call, and that I will answer any message you send me the very damn instant you send it. You have your schedule and I have mine – and I hate to tell you this, but mine does NOT revolve around YOURS. Not only that, but I am not required to answer you at all! No, that doesn’t mean I’m mad at you, it means I didn’t feel like answering. I do not want to have a conversation with you in texts. That’s not an insult…it’s just a fact.

But there’s pressure – society assumes you will text. It assumes you will answer texts when you get them. And therefore, I am rude because YOU made an assumption on MY time that I did not fulfill.

Remember letters? You know, back when you’d sit down, pen and paper in hand, and write something out to someone. You’d then put it in an envelope, stamp and address said envelope, and mail your message.

The other person would get the letter. And if they didn’t reply? OK, it’s annoying. But they had WEEKS to make that decision, and because most people set aside time to ‘catch up on correspondence’, you probably got an answer eventually. You didn’t expect it THAT SECOND, you didn’t assume they had nothing better to do than talk to you about whatever you feel like talking about, or help you with whatever problem you had, whether or not it was relevant to their life. Mail was polite.

The fact is, ladies and gentlemen, you still don’t have that right, and neither do I. Texting is not an excuse to assume someone else is at your beck and call. And I am not going to treat it that way. I have a life. It does not revolve around random people who happen to have my cell number. You cannot demand that I stop everything I’m doing to text with you, just because you feel like it.

And don’t call my family demanding that I bend to your whim. Because now, I will probably never answer your texts again.


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The Internet Needs An “adult filter”

Yeah, I’m about the ten thousanth person to say something like this, but it’s starting to get to me.

And yes, I’m about to complain about Trade Chat in World Of Warcraft. :p Hush, you.

I would like to know when wanting to actually discuss a TRADE topic, as in, look for something for to BUY, in TRADE CHAT became the big no-no

And I’d really like to know when, exactly, it became a forum for bitchy teens to complain to each other about how badly they raid.

Now, I know that the answer to these questions is “when the game was created” and “what the hell do you care?”.

I don’t. It’s more that I finally got fed up of asking to buy something eight times and being COMPLETELY ignored in favor of the drivel.

Oh, hey, they noticed, though, when I complained about it! -sighs-

Normally, my posts are a bit more thought out. And more important. And less stupid. I’m aware. This is stupid. VERY stupid, as a matter of fact, since I know I am sitting here ranting about a large group of teenagers, and at age 27 (almost 28, oh god, no…) I really should be more mature than this.

But damnit, my father died three months ago. I’m not doing well. And I just wanted to fuckin’ buy a damned gem!

OK. Done ranting now.

OH! OH! NaNoWriMo is coming up! Get your ideas ready, you only have a month to go! 50k words in 30 days. You can DO IT!!!

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WordPress and it’s effects

I have come to the conclusion that WordPress is evil, and I love it.

I’m sitting here in the ICU lounge at St. Joseph’s Hospital, just sitting – my father’s in ICU and I don’t want to be at home if something happens. It happened the other night, when we went home to get some sleep, and now I’m afraid to leave.

Thus, I’m sitting here. And because I’m sitting here, I’m looking for stuff to do. They have free wireless, yay! So FaceBook, Twitter, and Google Reader have filled many hours, for which I am grateful. However…I ran out of things to do several hours ago.

Now, many of you know that this is now a WordPress site. It is a WordPress site because I am lazy, and I do not have the time or energy to do constantly current web designs for my own site. Hell, I rarely take web design gigs at all anymore, because it’s SO labor intensive for SO little money. Therefore, I took the lazy way out and put up WordPress to make my life easier and make the site easier on the eyes and more easily changed.

Therein lays my new addiction. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is something like the SEVENTIETH template I’ve had up today. And I’m still playing with them. They’re RIDICULOUSLY easy to upload and activate, to play with, to change and arrange, and it’s like I find one that I like, but there might be one better! And so I keep looking. And installing. And changing. And playing. And oh my god is this addicting!

So, thank you all who sent me good wishes and my father good wishes, and thank you all for not making a huge deal that my site’s changed eighteen thousand times today, because it’s likely to keep changing this week. WHO KNOWS what it’ll look like when I’m done!

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Comments, changes and thank yous

I have a couple things to say here, but first off, l have to say that it’s probably a very sad state of affairs when in order to remember to blog, I have to NOT BE AT HOME. As in, I’m sitting in a Barnes and Noble coffee shop, waiting for a meeting, and so now I remember to do something here. That’s just sad, folks.

OK! Down to business.

First off, thank  you for the people who’ve commented on my blog posts here, and I am quite sorry it took me so long to approve the comments. Believe it or not, this tiny little, backwater, hole-in-the-wall blog seems to attract spammers by the boatload, and I spent a half hour today removing spam before I found the few comments that were gold. So thank you, you’re approved, and I will try VERY hard not to let ANYTHING sit as long as those comments did.

Item two! I need something more visually interesting here on the blog, so I’ll be looking through/working on/screwing around with wordpress themes today after my meeting and tomorrow. If you’ve seen a particularly fascinating one that you think I should consider using, pop me an email at trinitylast [at] and I’ll absolutly go look, and probably appreciate it beyond words.

Last but not least! I was apparently featured on Dreaming Of Butterflies and never knew it, and it was a huge compliment as well. Thank you, VERY much Weasel. I was so shocked when I saw the referral that I think my mouth dropped open. You paid me a beautiful compliment and I am blushing from my head to my toes.

NOW! Before you take off and go about your internet lives none-the-wiser, put your headphones on and go over to Limonshire and wish Fizzylimon a belated birthday wish, and watch one of the most entertaining and (sometimes) profound vloggers on the intarwebs today. You’ll thank me later.

Go. Shoo.

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Spam or not spam?

This morning, I got an interesting email. It’s impressive in that I didn’t know I had that many DevArt views, and in that they have two URLs for me, which indicates that even if it IS spam, someone had to at least glance at the page to gather the information.

So, that being said, take a look and tell me if you think this qualifies as spam, or if I should be flattered that they’re asking my opinion.

I’d rather the second, but sadly, I’m leaning towards the first.


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